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offrs Seller Lead Gen Algorithm: 5 Years Strong

offrs Seller Lead Gen Algorithm: 5 Years Strong

The offrs seller lead gen algorithm has been working to identify real estate seller leads over 5 yrs and the math shows offrs made a dent in the list.

Seller Lead Out, Homeowner Info In, Repeat

It isn't enough to do something amazing just once. When you're an industry disruptor, innovating real estate algorithms, it's simply not satisfying to rest on wins along the way. And so is the life of innovation. It's not difficult to look back at the birth of the automobile in this regard. So many things had to change in order to make room for this innovation which would ultimately impact all of society in the 20th Century. From how the automobile was manufactured and even how the materials for manufacture were sourced, there were innovations upon innovations stacked up towards what would become the new industry we now know as common-place. But perhaps the most unspoken and yet most notable was the education of the end user themselves. It's easy to look at the world back then from today's perspective and see how obviously this machine would connect entire cities, but training an entire society (at the time) to see the full potential and value of this revolutionary technology was a true undertaking. Fast-forward to now, in this modern information revolution, and you'll see that home seller data is gold. We all know this to be true conceptually, but most don't know just how impactful it is to our society going forward.


Predictive analytics is the means of processing information and creating future models (possible paths going forward). Big Data and predictive analytics can be used to spot pitfalls or plot optimal strategies and it's the latter that offrs has employed as a real estate listing leads solution in the now booming real estate industry. We say booming because real estate is once again booming thanks to social technologies and seller lead generation solutions like offrs'. Indeed with a 70% national average accuracy in predicting which homeowners will list their homes as far ahead as 6-12 months, this is no longer the purely knock and hope world it once was. offrs can now pull 25 names from a list 2,500 long and with a 70% accuracy, say these 25 homeowners... these ones here... they are going to list their homes in the next 6-12 months (either with you, alone or with someone else). This is powerful stuff and it cannot be overstated how effective of a game-changer this has proven to be for those that implement it into their home seller generation and conversion strategies and methodologies (those putting it to use). We now have a seller lead generation machine on our hands...


Who Runs The Seller Lead Generator?

Asked this question, it might be tempting to say offrs, but really, it's offrs' agents that license the offrs technology, they are the ones that run it. Okay, seems obvious, but really... the tools that offrs built around the core seller lead generation technology are designed to be operated by everyday SMB owners. This goes back to the earlier discussion around making the automobile accessible to those that would ultimately be using the technology. And really, it's the only way to make a technology applicable (making it accessible). This is all to say that real estate seller lead generation solutions, even award-winning real estate lead generation services like ours, have to be built on a foundation of usability. So when we talk about offrs seller lead generation technology, we're talking about an entire ecosystem of real estate tools and innovations that culminate to a single seller lead generation solution for real estate professionals. Put simply... if it's not easy to use, it's not ready to be deployed. Obviously, offrs seller lead generation solutions work from a technical standpoint (the math adds up!), but it's arguable that the tools to apply the math in the real world (to highlight, then reach out to homeowners looking to sell)... that's where innovation upon innovation paid off. After all, if it's not easy to use... ;)


So this comes to our core question... who is running the real estate seller lead generator? We know, but to highlight once more how important predictive technologies are in any industry (let alone real estate) ... it's those that are dominating their real estate farms across the nation. From small, independent REALTORS® and real estate professionals, to real estate agent teams and national brokerage brands. The offrs seller lead generation solutions are designed to scale not only in application but also as your business scales (both upward and downward, again... as your business requires). Of course, while other seller lead generation companies do exist, the question is, are they prime-time? As demonstrated here, it's just not enough to be accurate (where offrs provides the most accurate predictive seller lead solutions on the market year after year), you also have to be accessible and provide tools that can help the everyday agent put this amazing real estate data to use in their existing seller lead conversion practices.


What Is The Future Of Seller Lead Generation?

Certainly, more and more accurate offrs data, but also much more automated services. As we've grown over the years, offrs has gained, tested and dropped a lot of data providers in our efforts to provide the most accurate homeowner data in the market. A primary phone number here, an old email address there, a social tag over there... you'd be surprised how inconsistent homeowner contact information can be... or maybe not. Afterall, it's not so much that you don't know... but more that you know too much. That is to say, on any given homeowner, we might gather 4 phone numbers from 250 data providers. But which is the one you need to call? That's where we've innovated once again and where the future is to be had... data scrubbing. offrs is working hard to learn not just how to contact a specific homeowner, but how best to contact a specific homeowner. Put into practical use, this means we can not only give you the 4 possible phone numbers for a given resident (which has scored high on likelihood of listing here soon), but we can also tell you which of the 4 is the best to use. While we're still working this technology out (remember, this is on a dynamic, day-to-day human scale in the millions), the future of this tech is in discovering in advance that receiving calls upsets this specific homeowner.


And that brings us to our close. As we observe the efficacy of the offrs seller lead generation solution over time and as we see where innovations along the way have lead still to other innovations (which has kept offrs on the leading edge of predictive seller lead generation for real estate), the future is still wide open. But only one company is poised to take the helm and continue to forge the way forward in listing leads in real estate. It might be chalked up to hype to say that the seller lead generation company is offrs, but the math adds up and 5+ years in... it's looking like it'll be our story to share. So with this in mind, where are you going to be on this timeline (where we see predictive technologies playing a pivotal role in who is to become the dominant brand force in any given farm across the nation? If you've been curious about seller lead generation tools like predictive technology from offrs, then perhaps 2018 is your year to make it happen. No more talk, just practical application... down to the grindstone. We're here for ya when you're ready to set up a quick demo of offrs seller lead generation technology.





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