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Real Estate Predictive Analytics: offrs Agents Take The Lead

Real Estate Predictive Analytics: offrs Agents Take The Lead

Real estate predictive analytics is a new field, but already, offrs is taking the lead ahead of other real estate lead generation services. offrs reviews the real winner... the agent.

Note from the Editor: If you're not yet using a real estate CRM for your lead generation tools and practices, then check out MoxiWorks!


In The Real Estate Predictive Analytics Battle, Agents Win

Real estate predictive analytics is a relatively new field but remains a highly contested one. And while the goal is somewhat the same for each of the real estate lead generation websites (we'll get into the differences between types of real estate listing leads later), the approach that each real estate lead generator takes to hit the goal isn't the same. It's in these differences in approach that we see an increasingly widening degree of listing leads to be had. With some relying on public data, paid or volunteer consumer input, artificial intelligence to analyze consumer actions, a combination of each of these and so on, it's easy to see how the various seller leads can get jumbled together. Yes, any lead is a good lead, but what about great leads?

This leads to a discussion around convertibility (the warmth or readiness of the lead to work with you and your brand). You see, most real estate lead generation services stop well short of the finish line, leaving you to push through on what could be hundreds or thousands of homeowner names. offrs has, from the start, innovated our core offering (as well as the usability of our products) to help identify the most motivated home sellers. This philosophy is baked into our product, but the peer marketplace for real estate predictive analytics helps drive competitive innovations that extend out into the foreseeable horizon. And the winners in that scenario, no matter how it plays out... are the agents. The only thing preventing their success using predictive analytics... is not using it.


The Great AI Chasm In Real Estate Leads

Like any players at pivotal points in history, there are those agents that advance forward with new technologies or methodologies... and then there are those that hold strong to traditional tools and approaches. It's certainly easy to see, with all of the tech we've seen come and go over the years, how agents (or the populous in general) can become overwhelmed with the saturation of "amazing, game-changing tech" and underwhelmed with the performance of these tools or their lack of significant impact on their business. But there are some advances, behemoth changes with sweeping momentum behind them that simply cannot be ignored. Business Intelligence leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) to predict future outcome likelihoods is one of these.

AI-based business intelligence has for the past several decades helped to build the foundations of our economy, proving over and over again that split-second, around-the-corner insights on an otherwise difficult-to-plot, hugely dynamic marketplace, are gold. But as we mentioned at the top of the article, if you're not leveraging lead generation for real estate, then you're missing out on multiple fronts. First, you're losing the predicted lead and the income around that transaction (including any future business and/or referrals). Then, you're essentially feeding your competition (instead of starving it). It's here where we see the great AI chasm splitting our industry... one half leveraging traditional tools as well as AI and choking out the other side... and the other side staying the course and being exponentially robbed of leads.


Where The Lines Are Drawn

So who determines the access to lead generation for real estate agents? Well, since offrs not only leads the pack in lead qualification methodologies but also provides those real estate leads in the form of exclusive territories, then you the agent do. That is, if you're working with offrs, then you've gained exclusive insights into who is looking to sell their home over the next twelve months. Otherwise, if you're working with another provider of real estate seller leads, then you're likely sharing the data with countless hundreds of other agents working your area. And what good is a treasure map if it's either poorly plotted or given out to hundreds of other treasure hunters? This is all to say, the line began at the top of this article and ends at the bottom. Whether you venture forward as the leading real estate lead conversion specialist in your territory... well, that's up to you. =)

Okay, that's pretty harsh, but really, that's the nature of it, right? There are those that take the lead and there are those that waited for it to happen to them. offrs has already been tracking homeowner data in your region and it's just a matter of plugging your brand into the offrs real estate lead generation pipeline. From there, we set you up with the best lead conversion strategies gathered from the top-producing agents across the nation and begin the process of lead conversion throughout your farm. It's a proven system that works very well with existing real estate lead conversion strategies. We've even built team lead routing tools that aid team leaders with distribution of inbound real estate agent leads and multichannel lead conversion touches over time by each of the members of the team.


Winning Strategies

There are a lot of ways to work the business. Be it through brand-building to build trust and make leads easier to convert or even come to you, there's farm expansion which plays out like a numbers game, casting a wider net, there's multi-touch marketing that seeks persistence and top-of-mind awareness which can actually plant the idea of future business together... all sorts of strategies that work well (and work well together). Most often, an agent will do what they've always done or fall into a strategy based on what they can handle operationally or financially at the time. This is a polite way to say... most agent strategies consist of doing what we've always done or doing something because it's easier or cheaper at this moment. It's easy to see how these too work well together, just in the wrong direction.

This said, the best strategy you can put into play is one that pushes the envelope and, more specifically, pushes you ahead of the envelope. You see, that huge wave we spoke of earlier... the behemoth change in the industry that's beginning to sweep through RE and redistribute leads to those that know how to ride it... you're now aware of it. And knowing this now puts you in charge of your own destiny. Because a winning strategy certainly can't be knowing that your competitor gained an AI tool sifting through the homeowners in your neighborhood and selecting the creme of the crop for themselves... while you work them manually in the background. This is not a winning strategy. But what about the cost? Well, it's likely not what you think. offrs has worked hard to make lead generation real estate tools that are accessible, not just powerful. Book your demo now.





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