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  • "Top 15 Real Estate Agents With Most Recent Sales In Santa Ana, California Area" - STLNews.com"The Santa Ana, California area is a city in Orange County, California. It’s home to the Santa Ana Zoo, with its monkeys, mini-train and walk-through aviary. In a Mission Revival–style building, the Bowers Museum displays a large collection of Native American art. STL.News offers the Top 15 Real Estate Teams/ Agents in Santa Ana, California, based on Most Recent Sales in Santa Ana..."
  • "Hoping for Seattle-area rents to get cheap? Don’t hold your breath" - SeattleTimes.com"Yes, the rental market has cooled way down recently as more apartments open. But only after rents here soared 155 percent over the last two decades, making Seattle and its suburbs one of the most expensive places in the country to rent an apartment. There’s been nothing but good news this year for Seattle-area renters, who have seen rent prices freeze while they get more and more open apartments to choose from and various perks like a free month’s rent offered by landlords. But that doesn’t mean Seattle is suddenly a utopia for apartment hunters..."
  • "Denver’s Revised Green Roof Ordinance Takes Root" - NextCity.org"A revised version of Initiative 300, Denver’s ambitious green roofs ordinance, may be enacted into law — spurring actual green roof construction, Denverite reports. Last year, a grassroots effort spurred the passage of Initiative 300, requiring that new buildings 25,000 square feet or larger devote some portion of their roof space to greenery or solar panels. Green roofs capture and filter stormwater and, by absorbing sunlight, reduce the urban heat island effect. The plants on a green roof can also suck pollutants out of the air. Local restaurant manager Brandon Rietheimer got the initiative on the ballot in 2017 after realizing that the city was not doing much to meet its 2020 sustainability goals..."
  • "Santa Monica Neighborhood Among Most Expensive In LA" - Patch.com"Real estate in California is expensive, but in Los Angeles County it can seem exorbitant – like that record-breaking $1 billion property that hit the market in Beverly Hills. Yup, that's billion with a 'B.' But what about average home prices countywide? PropertyShark, a website that provides in-depth real estate data, analyzed neighborhoods in Los Angeles and found the median home prices in Quarter 3 of 2018. Surprisingly, they found that L.A. area's top 20 most expensive neighborhoods are overall twice as pricey as NYC's 20 most expensive..."
Fresh and free for 2018 - here are 11 email scripts for real estate pros by offrs.com

Fresh and free for 2018 - here are 11 email scripts for real estate pros by offrs.com

Looking for the right thing to say? We can help. While no one knows your business better than you, here are 11 quick email followup templates you can use after sending out your housing market report. Be sure to share with your team today!

There's no shortage of email scripts or templates for the real estate industry, but fresh ones? Well, you've come to the right place. Here are 11 free email templates for 2018... all centered around a local housing report followup (a great reason to reach out). Long form, short form... it's all here. Feel free to modify them meet your business needs or approach...



SUBJECT: Hi, neighbor!

I’m following up on a recent housing market report I sent out to residents in our community. If you did not receive the report (which contains important home value and market data for our area), please let me know and I will send out or drop off another copy. If you did receive the report, then you can see that the housing market has had its fair share of fluctuations recently. As our area’s real estate specialist, I wanted to make myself available for any questions and to go over what this means for home values in our community. Feel free to call or email me anytime.


SUBJECT: Just sent a housing report to you… coffee?

Hi! I just sent you a packet with an area housing report. It details out home values and other market data for our area. As the community’s real estate expert, I wanted to make myself available to help answer any questions you and your family might have. If you'd be interested in getting together to discuss, let me know. The housing market has had its fair share of fluctuations recently, but I can go over how it affects us here. Call me if you’d like to meet for coffee. There’s a great place around the corner you should know about if you haven’t yet been.



SUBJECT: Did you get the housing report?

Hey there. I wanted to follow up with the housing report I sent over. Did you get that okay? Let’s set up a time to go over what it means for the community and your home value specifically. Are you free tomorrow afternoon?


SUBJECT: Free this week? Want to go over housing report...

Are you free sometime this week? I want to go over the housing report I sent over and talk about what it means for home values in our community. Let me know.


SUBJECT: Have a chance to review the housing report I sent over?

Just following up with the housing report I sent on over. Have you had a chance to review it yet? I think your home has a few extras that go beyond other homes in the community and that might make a difference in its valuation. If you’ve got time tomorrow afternoon, let’s get together...


SUBJECT: Did you get those coupons I sent?

Hi, I’m following up on the housing report and packet I sent over. I trust everything arrived okay! The enclosed housing report is specific to our community here, but I’d like to go over what it means for your home’s value in particular (given the recent market fluctuations). I also threw in some great local business coupons that I was able to arrange with the owners. As the area’s real estate specialist, I like to support local. The housing market has seen its fair shares of ups and downs, but I think that our community has a lot to offer in culture and amenities. We can go over some of these often-overlooked assets as we assess the value of your home in the neighborhood. If you’re free this week, let’s set up a time to get together. 


SUBJECT: Hi, neighbors! Just sent out a housing report...

As many of our neighbors know, I’ve owned my home in the area for several years and have had the opportunity to help our friends and neighbors with their real estate needs. I just sent out a packet to everyone containing a housing report that I put together for our community. It goes over the market as a whole, but also delves into more regional data that I was able to find. I’d like to get together with everyone individually to build a more detailed view of the strength of our neighborhood’s home values. As the area’s real estate specialist, this helps me stay informed about our local market. We have a lot to offer in our community and I look forward to learning what’s most important to everyone here. Please let me know when you have time to get together. We can meet at your place, my home office or we can grab a cup of coffee and discuss.


SUBJECT: Just sent out a report to our neighbors...

I just sent out a report to neighbors in our area. It contains important information about the housing market and other home value stats for our neighborhood. It goes into some detail, but I’d like to meet with each of you make sense of what it means for your home’s property value specifically. Please call me to set up a time to meet in person. If it’s easier, I can stop on by.



SUBJECT: Sent out a housing report… let me know if you didn’t get it...

If you haven’t received the home value report I sent out to everyone, let me know. As the community real estate specialist and as a homeowner in the community myself, I make it my responsibility to know as much about our area as possible. Let me know when you have time to go over the report together and I’ll book it in my calendar.



SUBJECT: Did you get the housing report ok?

Hi. I’m reaching out to see if you got the area housing report I sent you. There’s something in there that stood out that I’d like to go over with you. Are you up for coffee tomorrow afternoon?



SUBJECT: Just sent you a housing report with community stats...

I just sent you a housing report and there are some stats in there that I think are important to all residents of our community. I’d like to go over this data and what it might mean for your property value specifically. Are you up for coffee tomorrow afternoon?






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Referral Real Estate Leads (offrs Tips & Scripts)

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