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News Headlines

"Austin legal team adds real estate heavy hitters" - MyStatesman.com

Real estate heavy-hitters making waves in Austin and around the nation.

"Battle stories from real estate bidding wars" - WashingtonPost.com

Top news headlines from around the nation that affect the real estate industry.

"Popular real estate agent Logan Lester wins the 2018 Miss Texas USA pageant" - Chron.com

Real Estate movers and shakers making the news in Houston, TX.

"Vail area real estate market cracks $2B for first time since 2008" - DenverPost.com

Denver regional real estate news headlines for agents, brokers, investors and other housing market professionals.

"London Beats Out New York Among Foreign Investors in Real Estate" - Bloomberg.com

Worldwide news headlines that offer perspective on the real estate industry at home.

"Casa Cielo wins a top award at AIA" - SantaFeNewMexican.com

Real Estate headlines from New Mexico and around the nation.

"Property buyers should be aware of real estate lawyers' legal standards" - TheStar.com

"The Importance of Ensuring a Real Estate Closing Is Properly Conducted" - Law.com

Real estate legal news headlines for agents and brokers in the housing industry.

"Lawyers and accountants increasingly turning to legal technology for real estate issues" - ITbusiness.ca

Real estate Technology news, headlines and insights for agents working the industry.

"How Major Real Estate Developers Are Experimenting With Co-Living" - Forbes.com

"11 Biggest Real Estate Mistakes And What To Learn From Them" - Forbes.com

News headlines, insight and tips for real estate agents going into 2018.

"Commercial real estate comes out on top in tax law overhaul" - DallasNews.com

Residential and commercial news updates for real estate agents looking for the latest RE headlines.

"LA, NYC and Miami lead US housing market growth" - TheRealDeal.com

Interesting, national Real Estate news headlines pulled from around the world.

"Luxury Lagged Behind Mainstream U.S. Housing Market in 2017" - MansionGlobal.com

2018 Real Estate news headlines from around the nation.

"Top One Sotheby’s producer jumps to Elliman, FECR names new director of leasing & more" - therealdeal.com

National real estate news headlines sourced from across the industry spectrum.

"Fort Bend Realtor Pearson earns top honors for 2017" - Chron.com

National real estate awards, announcements and news culled from amazing sources around the world.

"How AR and VR Will Transform Various Industries in 2018?" - entrepreneur.com

Real estate technology and gadgets updates for 2018.

"Real estate robots: San Francisco startup using 3-foot-tall roving devices for showings" - SFGate.com

Real estate technologies and gadgets to keep an eye out for in 2018.

"New tax law expected to slow rise of home values, creating winners and losers" - WashingtonPost.com

National RE headlines to keep an eye out for in 2018.

"South Florida's Real Estate Reckoning Could Be Closer Than You Think" - Bloomberg.com

Realtor news headlines from around the nation.

"IRS Says 2018 Property Taxes Have to Be Assessed to Qualify for Deduction" - wsj.com

Top real estate news and headlines that might affect your 2018.


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